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Main » 2009 » September » 28 » The ABCs of Gene Cloning, Second Edition
9:30 AM
The ABCs of Gene Cloning, Second Edition

The ABCs of Gene Cloning, Second Edition

Dominic W.S. Wong

© 2006 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. First edition © 1997 by Chapman & Hall

The ABCs of Gene Cloning, 2nd edition

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In the nine years since the First Edition, my contention remains that an ef­ fective approach to understand the subject of gene cloning is by learning the "vocabulary" and the "language". This book emphasizes the nuts and bolts on just how to do that - reading and speaking the language of gene cloning. It shows the readers how to distinguish between a gene and a DNA, to read and write a gene sequence, to talk intelligently about clon­ ing, to read science news and to enjoy seminars with some degree of com­ prehension.
On the whole, the second edition is not any more advanced than the first, with the intent of keeping the book concise and not burdening the readers with unwarranted details. Nevertheless, changes were needed and new materials were incorporated in the revision. Part I has a new chapter to provide a tutorial on reading both prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene se­ quences. Part II consists of several additions, updating on new techniques and cloning vectors. The topics in Part III have been rearranged in sepa­ rate sections - Part III now focuses on applications of gene cloning in agri­ culture, and Part IV is devoted entirely to applications in medicine. Chap­ ters on gene therapy, gene targeting, and DNA typing have been thoroughly revised. Additional coverage is included on animal cloning and human genome sequencing. The heavy activity in rewriting and ex­ panding Part IV reflects the rapid progress in the technology and the in­ creased impact of gene cloning.
I enjoyed writing and revising this book with deep satisfaction. It has been an inspiring experience to witness the remarkable development in the field of gene cloning and the tireless dedication of thousands of scien­ tists in making genes tick.

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