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1:26 PM
Protein Assay (Technical Handbook)

Total Protein Assays


Protein quantitation is often necessary prior to handling protein samples for isolation and characterization. It is a required step before submitting protein samples for chromatographic, electrophoretic and immunochemical separation or analyses.
The most common methods for the colorimetric detection and quantitation of total protein can be divided into two groups based upon the chemistry involved. Protein assay reagents involve either protein-dye binding chemistry (coomassie/ Bradford) or protein-copper chelation chemistry. Pierce offers seven colorimetric assays for detection and quantitation of total protein. They are all well-characterized, robust assays that provide consistent, reliable results. Collectively, they represent the state-of-the-art for colorimetric detection and quantitation of total protein.
Selection of the Protein Assay
When it is necessary to determine the total protein concentration in a sample, one of the first issues to consider is the selection of a protein assay method. The choice among available protein assays usually is based upon the compatibility of the method with the samples to be assayed. The objective is to select a method that requires the least manipulation or pre-treatment of the samples containing substances that may interfere with the assay.

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